The script/instructions found here don't work as of 2021-08-29. A recent Roblox update rendered the patched Wine binaries linked in this tutorial useless, and in order to play it, Wine must be compiled manually with new patches. Hopefully, I will have working instructions here in a few days.

Roblox on Linux works now!!

On June 20, 2021, Wine 6.11 hit repos and Roblox was confirmed to be working on Linux. There were still a few problems, but as of July 2021, there are prebuilt Wine binaries containing the necessary patches for Roblox to run near flawlessly.

Roblox on Linux takes multiple steps to install. I at one point wrote a script to install everything, but it was hacked together and quickly became outdated. You can view the script here for research purposes, but keep in mind that it is no longer working.


As of August 30th, 2021, you can follow these instructions to manually install Roblox on any Debian/Ubuntu system. If you know what you're doing you can adapt these instructions to any other distributions (use pacman to install things instead of apt, etc.)

  1. Make a hidden directory where we will download the patched wine-tkg. This is not strictly necessary, but since it's important that the patched wine-tkg stays in the same place and is not deleted, it's a good idea to tuck it away in its own directory.
    mkdir -p "$HOME/.local/share/roblox_on_linux"
  2. Download the patched wine-tkg for Roblox. This is a version of Wine with built-in patches to stop weird mouse behavior within Roblox. NOTE: You are not installing this as your system-wide version of Wine. This Wine binary is meant for Roblox only. You are going to set it as your custom Wine binary path for Roblox later in the installation.
    cd ~/.local/share/roblox_on_linux
    wget ""
  3. Extract the wine-tkg
    tar -xvJf "wine-tkg-staging-fsync-git.tar.xz"
  4. Install Grapejuice. Installation instructions can be found here.
  5. Set Grapejuice's custom wine binary to the patched one you just downloaded. This can be done manually, but here's a sed (1) command to do it automatically.
    /bin/echo -n "$HOME/.local/share/roblox_on_linux/wine-tkg-staging-fsync-git/usr/bin/wine" | xargs -I "%" sed -i 's|.*wine_binary.*|  "wine_binary": "%",|' ~/.config/brinkervii/grapejuice/user_settings.json

If you have any other questions about Roblox on Linux, the official Grapejuice discord is a good place to ask them:

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