Leaving Github For Codeberg

Self-hosting a git server… but still using Github? HYPOCRISY!!!!

by spitemim, 2022-08-19

I have been self-hosting my own git server for a while now. And yet, all this time, my most active repositories were mirrored on Github!!!! HYPOCRISY!!!

Unless you wanna set something up like Gitea, it’s necessary to mirror your repositories on a cringe centralized git site like Github, Gitlab, Codeberg, Sourcehut, etc. This is because most people will have accounts on these sites, and will be able to make pull requests very easily. It will also benefit them to do so, because every commit they make will make their usage graph look better.

However, it’s become more and more apparent that Github is the wrong service for this. Github has become more and more cringe over time, with stupid changes like renaming “master” to “main,” complying with government demands to scrub services like Tornado Cash and youtube-dl, and wiping repos because the name uses words Github doesn’t like.

So, all my repos are now mirrored on my Codeberg. I still have a Github account, because I want to be able to contribute to projects hosted on Github only. But from now on, if you wanna create issues or pull requests, head to my Codeberg.